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One of my favourite little pleasures is settling down with a cup of herbal tea and a lifestyle magazine, swooning over the lush interiors, inspiring crafts, ideas for the home and exciting meals to brew up in the kitchen. Many of these publications, although beautiful, are a little too twee or sugary sweet for my palate, and I've been longing for a periodical that suits my own aesthetic; one that celebrates the more macabre taste in homes and gardens, the darker shades of living, something a little more in the realms of a dank, dark castle; of moth-eaten swathes of velvet and atmospheric rooms draped in cobwebs.

I spent my mid to late teens as a member of the Livejournal Community, where I would frequently post about my life, sharing my experiences, my art, my photographs...it's something that I have missed since leaving the community, and have longed to reclaim. I am an active member on Instagram, and posting beautiful images fulfils a small part of what I feel is missing, however, I often find myself wanting to ramble on, elaborating upon an image. It is this longing that has inspired this blog.


Photographs by Liselotte Eriksson

vonMonsta is a blog brimming and bubbling with personal fashion and style, home-making, adventuring, beautifully creepy arts and craftings, delicious food and, as a long-time vegan, approaching this greenly with the aim being to live as eco-friendly and sustainably as my current means allow, with frugality and recycling in mind, all without compromising my goth sensibilities; Living a creative, beautiful and fulfilling life whilst dancing away to Bauhaus as I cook away in a wonky witches' kitchen; bed poisonous flowers and carnivorous plants in my tangle of a garden under a full moon; re-use thifted treasures to make glamorous, cadaverous vampiric clothing and décor or brew up a new batch of perfume to wear on new adventures, or just to my regular slink to the cemetery in the dead of night... I call this crepuscular domesticity. I aim to post new content three times a week.

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All photographs taken by myself and my kind, patient, talented and dashing boyfriend, Badger unless otherwise stated.

Huge thanks to the immensely splendid Bryony of Woodland Wild for all of the help putting together the website.

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