About The Fiend


Photograph by Liselotte Eriksson

The Fiend

Naomi von Monsta is a cobweb'd, rat-faced unseelie Goblin Queene; more often known by Fiend or simply, Monsta. An artist and illustrator, she lives with her partner, their rat children and most assuredly a fair few goblins in a wonky little cottage surrounded by tangled woodland strewn hills on the very edge of the West Yorkshire moors.


Happiest when creating and crafting, Fiend spends most of her days dressing-up, drawing, designing and making, however she can also be found creeping around the woods or pottering around in a graveyard, (having been accused of being a taphophile on more than one occasion) adventuring about in a ruin or a stately home or cosying up with a good book and a mug of herbal tea.


She resides within a world of faerie and folklore, superstition and witchcraft; Fiend adores nature and all of its creatures and loves learning about it all just as much as being immersed within it. She also has a curiosity for history, poisons, potions and tales of hauntings and is also rather fond of ancient forests and murky swampland, toadstools, moss, foxgloves, vampires, autumn, cooking up delicious vegan treats, grand and fancy homes, gothic revival, monsters, dancing, collecting vinyl records and 80's alternative & goth culture.


Artists Statement

Crepuscular denizens of folklore and otherworldly, arcane creatures existing betwixt dark, tangled woodland and haunted moor, Naomi von Monsta's delightfully sinister, unseelie nymphs inhabit a mystical and shadowy world that shimmers just beyond our realm.

Deep-rooted within myth and legend, her beautiful, yet wicked and deadly faeries and beasties are inspired by the natural world, landscape, the mystical and esoteric, elaborate costuming and tales of old.

Naomi von Monsta graduated from The University of Brighton with a BA (hons) in Illustration.


You can e-mail Naomi at: fiend (at) vonmonsta.com


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