DIY: Midsummer Flower Crown

June 17, 2015 in diy, fashion & style


Flower crowns make me feel like faerie queene; a grand, ethereal being, elegant and dreamy. They're absolutely wonderful to wear throughout the year, matching your flowers and foliage to the seasons around you, but I especially love them during the warm summer months, and particularly associate them with beltane and midsummer; with this in mind, I thought that I would show you how I made my own flower crown in preparation for this summer solstice, and maybe inspire you to create your own; Bring forth and invoke your inner faery royalty!

I've recently been so inspired by bluebells and irises; their colours have been really speaking to me, and so I used the beautiful blue and violet shades as the basis for this particular flower crown, including blue roses, hydrangea, irises, lily of the valley, and an odd lavender/wisteria hybrid. (If anyone knows that it is, I'd love to know!)


You will need:

    • Faux flowers of your choice. I always make sure that the stems have a wire core running though them for this project. I got mine from my local garden centre. Always make sure that you get more than you think you'll need.
    • Snips, scissors or pliers, strong enough to cut through wire
    • A headband
    • Thin wire (I used a 0.2mm stainless steel wire)
    • Floral tape
    • Ribbons
    • Fabric glue



I personally prefer using a headband as my base for my flower crowns, rather than creating a full circle wreath; this is because the headband sits so much better within my huge rats nest of a hairstyle; a circlet flattens my hair and gives it an odd shape, so if you too have hair teased to the heavens, this method might suit you as well.

I started off by snipping the flowers to length, making sure that there's plenty of excess to wrap around the headband, and laying out the vague design on my work surface so I knew where I wanted everything to go. I then took a stem, and wrapped it around the headband from the front so that it sat right.


Next, I took a length of the wire and wrapped it around the stem and headband to secure it in place before wrapping the next stem around the band and continuing the wire around that one as well.


I continued wrapping the stems of the additional flowers around the headband and securing them with more wire. I also added additional foliage behind the blooms to fill in any little gaps and to make the whole crown more lush.


To hide the wire-wrapped ends, I used little wired paper flowers, but you can also use florists tape. The final addition was a few lengths of ribbon, cut to about a meter in length, folded in half and then attached to the ends of the headband using a sturdy knot and a dab of fabric glue. And your fantastical midsummer faery flower crown is done!





Photography credit: Badger Dubhghaill

Have you got any midsummer plans?


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