Exploring: Adventures In Pup Sitting

October 8, 2015 in adventuring


This past week, I've been lucky enough to pup sit the most charming little scruffy beastie with the most magnificent eyebrows and I've been on so many walks with him and travelling the pathways surrounding our home; some that are very familiar to me, having walked them time after time, and others that I haven't yet had the chance to follow. He's been such a curious little fellow (when he's not been snoozing next to me on the sofa whilst I write or read), leading me this way and that, sniffing at everything in sight and getting distracted by many, many cats and a couple of chickens and I wanted to share some little snippets of our explorations, as it's been full of so many beautiful sights, from the the field in the gorgeous light of the late afternoon and the drizzly walks up to the moors to the dew soaked morning rambles and the muddy adventures up the hillside on the other side of the valley. 




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Have you explored anywhere close by that was a little unfamiliar to you and found some hidden gems?


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