Outfit of the Day: In Between Days

October 3, 2015 in fashion & style, outfit of the day


The creeping in of Autumn brings out warm, soft layers and outfits fit for scrambling through the autumn leaves and over lichen dappled rocks; outfits that makes me feel like a strange forest creature; moth-eaten and mossy. I based my outfit around one of my favourite headpieces; a little one-of-a kind mushroom fascinator hat, handmade by Liselotte Eriksson of The Changeling's Closet and two sets of autumnal toned Mini Elflocks from Woodland Wild in Dryad, and a limited edition burnt orange and brown, which are a wonderful way of adding a flash of colour to my own hair (I used to dye my hair every single colour under the sun, but I've been settled into my black hair for the past few years and I can't see myself throwing any hair bleach on it any time soon, despite my sudden, spontaneous urges, so Mini Elflocks are perfect for when I get itchy fingers.) Such accessories really transform an outfit into something really special and rather magical.

The wall of leaves turning bright, ruby red that we stumbled upon on our walk, was the perfect backdrop for these photographs; we were joined by a curious squirrel, who stopped by to ask us what on earth we were doing, and I spotted a wild brown rat scuttling in the undergrowth, which really made my day!

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Black scarf - Charity shop

Black asymmetric dress - Independent shop

Black Linen Pinafore - Independent shop

Grey felted waistcoat - Secondhand

Black leather concho belt - Charity shop

Grey & Black striped stockings - Gift

Black bat-wing winklepickers - The Gothic Shoe Co.


Horns - Handmade

Mushroom fascinator - The Changeling's Closet

Clip-In Elflocks - Woodland Wild

Black flower hair clips - Claire's Accessories

Nose chain – Handmade

Choker- handmade using a length of black velvet ribbon and an amber and silver pendant from my Mum

Troll Necklace - Handmade by Wendy Froud

Unseelie Pendant - Handmade. I can't for the life of me remember the artist though unfortunately.

Naturally shed antler - Handmade by my friend Moomin

Leather cuff – I've had it for so long, I couldn't say where it's from!

Metal cuff – Second-hand

Rings - various places

& you can find me on LookBook here!

Photography credits: Badger Dubhghaill

What are your favourite things to wear at Autumn?


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