Outfit of the Day: New Wave

June 7, 2015 in fashion & style, outfit of the day


A rather unplanned Outfit of the Day post, but I felt super cute, so I thought that it warranted its own post; this outfit was put together with the rather wonderful polkadot dress in mind, and it's perfect for a lovely bright, summers day. I've always loved polkadots; it brings to mind the wonderful style of Strawberry Switchblade and the marvellous shirts of Robert Smith of the Cure, both of whom have been hugely influential in the discovery of my own personal style.





Black leather batwing jacket - Charity shop

Black fishnet top – Torn up fishnets tights, layered over one another

Black and white polkadot dress – Charity shop

Black tulle petticoat - Hellbunny brand

Black faux leather belt with silver chains – Charity shop

Tattered tights – From the high street, torn-up.

Black leather winklepickers – Underground, second-hand from eBay


Silver cross earring – Handmade

Choker- handmade using a length of black velvet ribbon and a cross from my Mum

Black beaded necklaces - Charity shops

Leather cuffs – I've had them for so long, I couldn't say where they're from!

Black D-ring cuff – Second-hand shop

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Photography credit: Badger Dubhghaill

Quick Disclaimer:

Just a quick note, should anyone be wondering, seeing as I do label myself as a vegan and I am clearly wearing leather here.;I am comfortable wearing second-hand leather, both items before I went vegan, and second-hand items I have bought since. I will not buy new leather items. These are just my own personal ideals. Thank you!

What's your favourite thing to wear on a bright summer's day?


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