Outfit of the Day: Some Wear Leather, Some Wear Lace

June 12, 2015 in fashion & style, outfit of the day


I wanted to create the perfect Batcave outfit to go with my stunning new Dawn Bat-Buckled Winklepickers from The Gothic Shoe Co, imagining myself getting all dressed up to go hang out in the dark depths of the 80's underground club; watching Specimen in all of their stompy, pouty glory and Alien Sex Fiend, covered in cobwebs, dancing with darkling beauties; their hair teased sky-high as DJ's spin Sexbeat and The Virgin Prunes...

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Black leather batwing jacket - Charity shop

Black lace bodysuit – Charity shop

Black leather bondage belt with O-rings - Second hand

Black lace tank top (over bodysuit) - Charity shop

Black faux leather belt with silver conchos – Charity shop

Black lace maxi skirt – H&M about 4 years ago

Black lace tights – From the high street

Black faux leather bat-buckled winklepickers – The Gothic Shoe Co


Bat hairclip - Handmade

Silver cross earring – Handmade

Silver cross nosechain- Handmade

Choker- handmade using a length of black velvet ribbon and a cross from my Mum

Bat necklace - Alchemy Gothic

Silver necklace - Charity shop

Leather & PVC cuffs – I've had them for so long, I couldn't say where they're from!

Black D-ring cuff – Second-hand shop

& you can find me on LookBook here!

Photography credit: Badger Dubhghaill

Quick Disclaimer:

Just a quick note, should anyone be wondering, seeing as I do label myself as a vegan and I am clearly wearing leather here.;I am comfortable wearing second-hand leather, both items before I went vegan, and second-hand items I have bought since. I will not buy new leather items. These are just my own personal ideals. Thank you!

Do you have a favourite pair of boots?


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