Review: Folk Owl Acorn Faerie Wrist Cuffs

October 5, 2015 in fashion & style, review


I've been following Folk Owl for quite some time, swooning over their cosy, faerie inspired mixed media pieces and waiting for the right time to snag something of my very own. When I saw the new listing for the Halloween inspired Acorn Faerie Cuffs in smoky browns, greys and black, I knew that I had found the first piece of Folk Owl Clothing to add to my wardrobe.


Nuno felted using silk voile, the softest merino wool and hand-dyed vintage lace, these beautiful, cosy wristlets are beautifully decorated with delicate swirls and vines and hand-felted leaves, finished with wooden beads nestled within real acorn cups which were foraged from Sherwood Forest. They're fastened using a corset close at the back of the wrist which allows them to fit the wrist perfectly whether worn bare or over sleeves, and they're going to be perfect to pop on on chilly mornings and when I'm out adventuring.


Folk Owl produces the most wonderfully magical and earthy one-of-a-kind pieces, which feel as though they have been created by faerie; enchanted and wild and so intrinsically linked to the earth around her, (her self-described 'Elemental Clothing' feeling very much perfect) from the locally sourced wool fibres to the buttons that she hand-carves herself using fallen wood from the oak trees she has known since childhood. The wool she uses is also very very carefully chosen, something which was very very important to me, as, although I identify as vegan, I am happy to use very select wool pieces which I believe are ethically sourced and created with the utmost love and respect from the sheep they are created from.


They were sent out first thing the morning after the evening I popped my order through and arrived the day after that, very well packaged, tied with a purple ribbon which made the, feel like a really special gift. I'll soon be after a matching tattered faerie scarf.

Acorn Faerie Wrist Cuffs cost £36.00


Quick Disclaimer:

This post is not in any way sponsored, nor is it in any way compensated. I bought these cuffs using my own money and I just wanted to share it because I am so enamoured!

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