Review: Gothic Shoe Co. Bat Buckled Dawn Winklepickers

June 11, 2015 in fashion & style, review

Bat-buckled winklepickers have been my dream boots since I first saw them depicted in an old Bogey's Underground Catalogue scan on a Livejournal Goth Community goodness knows how long ago (14 years ago is a rough estimate), and I have been chasing after them ever since. I've owned countless pairs of winklepickers and pikes since I first discovered them, but my ultimate bat-buckled pair have continued to elude me, having made attempts to order them from various places before being told that they were unfortunately no longer available, or that they were having trouble sourcing the bat-buckles at that particular time, to them not being available in a vegan leather; I've kept two sharp eyes on Ebay and Etsy, waiting for a pair to find it's way to me, for them either to be the wrong size or to be outbid (the vintage pairs can reach into the hundreds of pounds!)


I was excited when I discovered The Gothic Shoe Company, and I won't pretend that I didn't do a ridiculous little dance of joy when I received a polite and speedy response from a member of the customer service team to confirm that the boots could be made using a vegan leather. In fact, it's worth taking note that they do accept requests, so should you have a particular material or colour in mind, they'll do their best to source that for you; I'm certainly going to enquire about a vegan patent leather and suede in the future.


The Gothic Shoe Co is a small, family run business, (which I love; I'm always keen to support independent designers, traders and craftspeople) and since the mid 1990's, has been hand-crafting winklepicker shoes and boots from their home in East London. Styled after the original boots from the 1950's-80's, so coveted and loved by goths, new romantics and blitz kids, the boots have been tweeked ever so slightly to make them more suitable for everyday wear, allowing for those of us who wear them in 2015 and beyond to do so a little more comfortably.


My absolute dream boots are the pike style, however, due to some problems that I have with wearing very flat shoes, I am more than thrilled to have ordered the Dawn boots. The main difference between the Pike and Dawn styles, are that the Pikes are completely flat soled, and have a slightly more sharp-pointed toe, however, the Dawn boots are still beauties and even so, the point is a very satisfying one!


Hand-made, the website states that orders take around 4-5 days working to make, with an additional few days should the material need to be ordered in especially. My order took around 20 working days from ordering to be completed and sent out, due to them being especially busy, and then an additional  4 days to reach me by courier, but they were lovely when I contacted them to see how far along my order had been and were incredibly helpful, so I really didn't mind at all having to wait those few extra days. Just be aware, if you do make an order with The Gothic Shoe Co, that your wait may be longer than you might anticipate.


The boots fit true to size, and it's unnecessary to order a size up as the pointed toe has been considered and accommodated for with the sizing, which makes for easy ordering, without any anxiety as to whether they will fit right or not. The faux leather is of a really great quality and mostly lovely and soft, and I can't imagine that they'll need much breaking in; there was no chafing or rubbing on my first little wander in these beauties; the faux leather of the buckles and the zip and buckle hardware themselves were a little stiff, but I an imagine that these will soften up with wear. 


I am utterly infatuated with my boots; I now have quite the wishlist from The Gothic Shoe Co. forming, and I'm looking forward to further supporting this lovely little company and getting my mitts on as many pairs of boots as I can!

The Dawn Bat Buckle Winklepicker Boots cost £79.99 Website:   Photography credit: Badger Dubhghaill
Quick Disclaimer:

This post is not in any way sponsored, nor is it in any way compensated. I bought these boots using my own money and I just wanted to share them because I am so enamoured!


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