“Come Into My Parlour…”, Said The Spider To The Fly

June 1, 2015 in fiend

Hello there!

A new website and blog merits a small introduction; I'm Naomi von Monsta, but I more often go by Fiend or simply Monsta; a cobweb'd, rat-faced goblin queene, mother of moss and lichen overlord, an artist and illustrator with a huge passion for making and creating, for faerie & folklore, creatures, wild nature, living magically, fantastical fashion and goth culture.


A short tale

On All Hallows of last year, myself, my boyfriend and our rat children finally made our escape from the city and found our way to a little home on the edge of the absolutely beautiful West Yorkshire Moors to begin the life that we'd always dreamed of; a life filled with unabashed creativity, adventures into the wilds and domestic bliss, a million miles away from the sad, lost and unfulfilled life that we were experiencing in the city. I also left behind my full-time job to live my dream of living off of my creativity, which is a little bit terrifying, but infinitely more exciting; it is this dream that has led to the birth of vonMonsta.com

One of my favourite little pleasures is curling up with a cup of herbal tea and a lifestyle magazine, swooning over the lush interiors, inspiring crafts, ideas for the home and exciting meals to brew up in the kitchen. Many of these publications, although beautiful, are a little too twee or sugary sweet for my palate, and I've been longing for a periodical that suits my own aesthetic; one that celebrates the more macabre taste in homes and gardens, the darker shades of living, something a little more in the realms of a dank, dusty castle; of moth-eaten swathes of velvet and atmospheric rooms draped in cobwebs, something more akin to my goblin sensibilities.



My hope is to create an inspiring blog, one that I can imagine myself reading, a blog that Morticia Adams, Lily Munster, Vampira, Elvira and a grumpy little old hag in a fairy tale forest would settle down to with a glass of absinthe or a smoking brew. vonMonsta.com will be brimming and bubbling with personal fashion and style, home-making, adventuring, beautifully creepy arts and craftings, delicious food and, as a long-time vegan with a passion for the earth, approaching this greenly with the aim being to live as eco-friendly and sustainably as my current means allow, with frugality and recycling in mind, all without compromising my Goth sensibilities; Living a creative, beautiful and fulfilling life whilst dancing away to Bauhaus as I cook away in a wonky witches' kitchen; bed poisonous flowers and carnivorous plants in my tangle of a garden under a full moon; re-use thifted treasures to make glamorous, cadaverous vampiric clothing and décor or brew up a new batch of perfume to wear on new adventures, or just to my regular slink to the cemetery in the dead of night... This is crepuscular domesticity.



I'm aiming to post new content three to four times a week; so in the meantime, if you'd like to keep up-to-date with any new posts, sign up to my newsletter (the form is in sidebar on the right), add my blog to your regular blog feed or bookmark me! You can also find me bimbling about on various other online platforms should you wish to follow me there; I'll make little updates on any new content here on my other social media.

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Comments are always welcomed, as well as suggestions for posts that you might like to see in the future, so do feel free to get in touch should the mood strike. (You can also e-mail me should you wish to: fiend (at) vonmonsta.com)

Thank you for joining me at these humble beginnings and I hope that you'll continue lurking about my blog.


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