Outfit of the Day: Some Girls Wander By Mistake…

June 2, 2015 in fashion & style, outfit of the day


I find other peoples outfit posts to always be hugely enjoyable; I love to coo over their use of fabrics, textures, their confidence, and to find inspiration to play around with with my own garb; and because dressing up and prancing about in fanciful clothing has such prevalence in my life, I thought that I would join in with this rather fun notion and make outfit posts a regular feature of my blog.

I love putting together outfits that allow me to look how I feel inside, and this outfit is no exception. This outfit makes me feel a little badass, a little wayward and dangerous. The star of this ensemble must be my beautiful black leather batwing jacket, which is probably one of my best charity shop finds after stumbling across it in an Oxfam shop on a day out to Kensal Green Cemetery in London, I believe. As soon as I shrugged it over my shoulders and looked in the mirror, I felt as though it had fallen out of a Bogey's Underground Catalogue and that it belonged with me. I paid the grand sum of £10 for it and I adore it!





Black leather batwing jacket - Charity shop

Black fishnet top – Torn up fishnets tights, layered over one another

Black velvet mini dress – Charity shop

Skinny black leather belt with conical studs – Charity shop

Black leather belt with pewter conchos – Charity shop

Black leather and O-ring bondage belt – Vintage shop

Fishnet tights – From the high street, torn-up and layered

Black leather winklepickers – Underground, second-hand from eBay


Silver cross earring – Handmade

Silver cross nose chain – Handmade

Choker- handmade using a length of black velvet ribbon and a cross from my Mum

Pewter bat necklace – Alchemy Gothic, gift from my boyfriend

Silver necklace – Charity shop

Leather cuffs – I've had them for so long, I couldn't say where they're from!

Metal cuff – Second-hand

Black D-ring cuff – Second-hand shop

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Photography credit: Badger Dubhghaill

Quick Disclaimer:

Just a quick note, should anyone be wondering, seeing as I do label myself as a vegan and I am clearly wearing leather here.; I am comfortable wearing second-hand leather, both items before I went vegan, and second-hand items I have bought since. I will not buy new leather items. These are just my own personal ideals. Thank you!

Do you have a prized thrifting find?


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