The Beauty of Poison

July 6, 2015 in fashion & style


Earlier in the year, I was lucky enough to have a group of some of my favourite people over at my house to stay, and, after watching some ridiculous 90's teen movies of an evening, where a 'plain and dowdy' high-school girl is transformed into a popular mega babe via a makeover montage (which really, only means that the 'ugly' girl's spectacles are removed and they style her hair a little bit before putting on some mascara and a dress, rather than her wearing her overalls-can you guess the absolute monstrosity that we watched yet?) we were inspired to 'goth-up' the gorgeous Claire, who is usually the most stylish pin-up teddy-girl imaginable, but who decided that she wanted to be tempted over to the dark side for a night in The Belfry.

thebeautyofpoison01 thebeautyofpoison02 thebeautyofpoison03 thebeautyofpoison04 thebeautyofpoison05 thebeautyofpoison06 thebeautyofpoison07 thebeautyofpoison08 thebeautyofpoison09 thebeautyofpoison10 thebeautyofpoison12 thebeautyofpoison13

Models: Claire Crowhurst, Johanna Öst, Liselotte Eriksson and Myself

Photography: Liselotte Eriksson


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