Throwback Thursday: Shadowplay

July 16, 2015 in fashion & style, fiend, throwback thursday


I really enjoy joining in with the Throwback Thursday hashtag over on Instagram on occasion; if you're not aware of the tag, it's the little act of sharing moments from your past, be it experiences, adventures, outfits or just an image of yourself from your childhood. Asking around, I had a lot of positive feedback about sharing some of these memories and images on my blog and thanks to that encouragement, I thought that I would feature my very first Throwback post.

The first set of images I've decided to show are some of the oldest photographs I have of myself. I lost a lot of photographs about 5 years ago due to computer issues, and honestly, I destroyed a lot of physical photographs; all of the photographs of myself from college and highschool because of depression and body image issues that I've struggled with over the years.

This set was taken during one of my heavy depressions. I'd just finished University, which I struggled though due once again to depression and anxiety; I was living in a horrible, dingy little flat that I despised, with very little money, in a city that I hated and I had no idea who I was or what I was doing; I felt trapped and lost. I was a ghost. Taken in my tiny back yard that I spent too much time smoking in, trying to figure out who the hell I was and what I wanted from my life, these images started off as a means to cheer myself up with dressing-up, but instead, I ended up documenting the blur that I felt like, through a series of mis-fired shots.






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