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Foxglove Trio | Postcard Set

A high-quality 3.89 x 8.26 in postcards on beautiful soft-touch paper.

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Three spindle-limb’d and spider-finger’d foxglove spirits manifest from the tall foxgloves surrounding them. The creatures are adorned with gossamer webs, foxglove crowns and petticoats and seem up to some kind of mischief as they flit among the shadows. 

A trio of poison’d and spider-limb’s foxglove spirits lurking in amongst the shadows of tall foxgloves and a tangle of delicate gossamer spiders’ threads, their faces speckled with the markings of the plants they inhabit; the hiss with poisonous breath, their touch, could equally cure or kill.

A magical page from a long-forgotten grimoire; sigils created through communication with the spindle-spirits of poison’d foxgloves; a chant, a charm, a spell. The heart of this magical plant.

Three postcards featuring my Foxglove Triptich; Foxglove Spirits, Foxglove Creatures & Foxglove Sigil.

Inspired by Medieval Manuscripts, Kelmscott Press and herbal grimoires, these drawings are from ‘Venenum Viriditas’; an ongoing poisonous project with my fellow People of the Hills.

The original drawing were created using graphite.

The postcards measure 99 x 210 mm (3.89 x 8.26 in)

These postcards have been professionally printed on high-quality smooth-touch paper and are as close to the original as possible. There is space on the back to write a message but they also look wonderful mounted and framed.

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